Stage 1

Plan Description

A brief description of what the plan covers.

Project Prerequisites

Any fundamental aspects that must be in place at the start of the project and any that must remain in place for the project to succeed.

External Dependencies

Identifying the product/actor context that must be provided to the project so that it can continue but which the Project Team has no authority over and so cannot ensure delivery fits the project requirements.

  • Products/Actors External to Initiative
  • Products/Actors within Initiative and External to this Project

Planning Assumptions

These concern availability of products, resources, skills/competency requirements etc

Plan: Gantt chart or bar chart

These include identified management stages, e.g. milestones and control points

Product Scope and Embedding

Product scope is expressed on the basis of the collective products involving blueprint-changes to actor processes and other simple products (services in particular).

Template: Product Breakdown Structure (Prince2TM)

Product Descriptions

Defining the collective and simple products that the project will deliver including the required quality level.

Template: Product Description (Prince2TM)

Activity network and product dependencies

Resource Requirement

  • Table
  • Requested/assigned specific resources

Change Budget


For both time and budget as triggers for contingency plans and escalation processes.

Contingency plans

How is it intended to deal with the consequences of any risks that materialise.

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